Olympic Winter Games© Mini-Challenge

We’re ready for our next mini-challenge – a two-week challenge inspired by the upcoming Winter Games.

Here’s what we’re challenging you to do. Between February 9-25, try as many different ‘events’ as you can. Pick from our list below or try out that new activity you’ve been thinking about. We’ll be watching the MEPs you earn and awarding you with entries into our next drawing. Earn entries as different ‘medal’ levels. 

Gold – 2,000+ MEPs, 10 entries
Silver – 1,200-1,999 MEPs, 5 entries
Bronze – 800-1,199 MEPs, 1 entry

We’ll be drawing for three winners to receive gift cards ($75, $50, $25) to the J. Other winners will receive J swag including cooler bags, gym bags and water bottles. 

Challenge yourself with as many ‘events’ as you can during this mini-challenge. We recommend trying: 

Fitness Consultation – Members eligible for a fitness consultation every three months. Schedule yours today!
Resistance Training – try a Signature Training session or a strength-focused group exercise class
Cardio Machines – try rowing or a stair climber instead of just hopping on the treadmill

Cardio Class – choose a new Zumba, Step or Cardio Barre class from our schedule
Cycling – experience a low-impact, high-intensity workout in a cycling class
Pilates – Members receive a free Signature Pilates assessment with their membership. Schedule one today!
Aqua Classes – we offer low-impact, muscle-building aqua fitness classes!
Weight Training – Free weights, Signature TrainingPersonal Training. The J has plenty of ways to get in your weight training.
Flexibility Options – Try a Yoga or stretching group exercise class.
Walking – The easiest way to get in a low-impact workout. Hit the park or use the J’s indoor walking tracks.