We are nearing the last couple weeks of the challenge! This is a very exciting time as you have worked hard on your fitness journey and we hope that everyone has been having fun doing it! We thought it would be fun to look at some Fun Fitness Facts. There is a lot more to fitness than you may realize. These fun facts may give you the motivation you need to keep moving through these last two weeks!

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You are never too old to build muscle

Age is no barrier to getting stronger. By the time you have reached 50 years of age, you will have walked approximately 75,000 miles…so why not just keep that going for the next 50 years!

A muscle dehydrated by a mere 3% will have a decrease in strength of 10%

Always have water handy when exercising it’s the most powerful ‘supplement’ on the market.

The more muscle you have, the more energy your body uses at rest

Adding some muscle to your body is a great way to help shed some body fat. The more muscle you have, generally the faster your metabolism, and the greater amount of fat you use while resting. Add strength training to your cardio to speed up fat loss – cardio alone can actually burn muscle tissue, and you need muscle tissue to burn fat even while you’re sleeping!

You can lose fat and still gain muscle, so you can gain weight but lose fat

Throw out your scales, such a poor way to measure your progress. Scales are so demoralizing and I’m not in favor of their use. What your body is made of is of much more significance that what you weigh.

There’s a high correlation between the fitness level of the people close to you, and your own physical fitness

Find yourself some fit friends!

It takes twice as long to lose muscle as it does to build it, muscle builds fast

Now that’s good news! You’ll be showing off ‘your guns’ in no time (sorry that’s my gym speak, I meant to say ‘toned arms’).

There is no ‘best time’ to exercise

The real and only best time is whatever works for you – do it when you can, as often as you can, and make it something you enjoy. It’s important, maybe it’s not urgent (yet) but regular exercise is imperative. If you can, make your workout time part of your regular schedule, whenever it is, and commit to it.

Sleep is the most important factor is fat burning

Studies show the more you sleep the more fat you burn. The longer you’re awake the slower your metabolism, as your brain attempts to preserve energy. Studies show 8.5 hours to be the optimum amount of sleep.