Craig Neuman and Rabbi Brad Horwitz

President and CEO of the St. Louis Jewish Community Center (The J), Lynn Wittels, announced two promotions for long-time J leadership staff. Director of Programming Craig Neuman and Director of Jewish Engagement and Adult Programs Rabbi Brad Horwitz have new titles to reflect their expanded roles. 

As of September 1, Neuman takes the title of the agency’s first-ever Chief Program Officer. Neuman has been at the J for 15 years, responsible for the J’s child-centric programs. 

“Craig has helped drive significant growth across the board and has provided outstanding leadership and dedication in the midst of significantly changing market conditions,” Wittels said about Neuman’s service. 

“Since my return in 2008 to the J where I grew up, I have had the privilege of working with amazing colleagues and lay leaders for the advancement of the St. Louis Jewish community. I’m honored to have been named the Chief Programming Officer and, while my title may have changed, my commitment to providing innovative, high-quality programs remains the same,” said Neuman. 

Rabbi Brad Horwitz has also taken on a new role as the agency’s first-ever Chief Jewish Engagement Officer. Rabbi Horwitz has been at the J for 17 years working on cultural arts programs and adult programming. In this new role, he will further lead the J’s charge to strengthen community engagement broadly across its countless departments. 

“Brad has significantly increased our impact within the Jewish community,” Wittels commented. “A new initiative he is helping to shape will develop stronger community programming for Jewish families with young children and empty nesters.”  

“The J plays an essential role in helping to strengthen Jewish life, Jewish identity, Jewish education and Jewish culture here in St. Louis. As our Chief Jewish Engagement Officer, I am committed more than ever to continue in this critical and holy work.” 

Looking ahead to continued success at the J, a new position is being recruited to join the executive leadership team, a Chief Strategy Officer. This position will be responsible for driving longer-term growth strategies across the agency and building new community partnerships.