Group Ex at the J Led by Sarah Amonson

Unlimited, free group exercise classes are a great perk that many members take advantage of as part of their membership. One of the main people behind the amazing quality of our group ex program is Sarah Amonson, Group Exercise Manager. Sarah oversees the group exercise programs at both J locations to make sure that the J has the best instructors (we do!), the best class formats and more.

“Fitness keeps me sane! For myself, I need the energy and strength that comes from working come out,” said Sarah.

Sarah is passionate about group exercise. In addition to managing the entire group exercise program, she teaches five different classes each week. She loves teaching group exercise classes because everyone brings their own energy to the room. She enjoys seeing people reap the benefits of the workout, have fun with the loud music and build strong relationships with their fellow workout buddies.

“I love group ex because I am making a difference in someone’s life each day through the workout and through the energy in the room,” explained Sarah.

Sarah has suggestions for anyone looking to try out group exercise classes for the first time. She suggests something low-impact and fun like Turbo Kick, High-Low or Zumba – fantastic ways to get your body moving and build up stamina for other new classes. Her personal favorite workout? Kettlebell Training because it works every muscle in the body while providing a great cardio workout as well.

Group Exercise Schedule

About Sarah

Certifications & Degrees

– ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor
– ACE Certified Personal Trainer
– Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language – Brigham Young University

Sarah joined the J in 2018 as a group exercise instructor before becoming the Group Exercise Manager in 2021. Prior to moving to St. Louis and coming to the J, Sarah worked at multiple YMCA locations and fitness clubs.

Fun Fact: Sarah speaks fluent Spanish and a little Russian!

Sarah’s office is based at the Staenberg Family Complex in Creve Coeur, but she can be found regularly at both J locations. She can be found virtually too! She teaches live-streamed and recorded classes each week.

Have a question or a suggestion for our Group Exercise program? Let Sarah know! Contact her via email or by phone, 314-442-3210.