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J Aquatics Director Heather Cheseman has loved being in the water for as long as she can remember. As someone who grew up on the lake and lifeguarded as her very first job, Heather took it upon herself to teach others not only just how to swim but to love the activity as well.

Heather first worked at Jefferson College in Jefferson Country, Missouri as a lifeguard before she started her journey toward teaching her love of swimming at the J as a full-time lifeguard. Not long after, Heather was promoted to Assistant Aquatics Director and, she now serves as the Aquatics Director. She has shaped the swim lessons at the J to be the bread-and-butter of the Aquatics Fitness Department with full-time instructors that focus solely on swim lessons and group classes.

Heather is a seasoned lifeguard of 12 years as well as a former USA swim team member of 3 years. From her experience, she believes that knowing how to swim is an essential skill to have in your life and that makes her excited for the next session of J Splash Academy swim lessons. Swim lessons teach water safety, confidence and skill, and Heather is passionate about teaching because she gets to see how children grow throughout their lives.

“Children are built to swim and love being in the water, but they need encouragement and coaching from instructors to gain confidence in their skills,” said Heather. “Through our many classes and instructors, J Splash Academy can help any swimmer – child or adult – to learn the skills that will propel them confidently into the water for the rest of their lives.”

From swim lessons to swim team to becoming skilled lifeguards, Heather loves seeing how these swimmers keep the water and the pool in their lives.

Heather, along with more than 40 additional swim instructors at the J, will teach even more swimmers this summer through J Splash Academy. Heather and her instructors are dedicated to focusing on the development of their students and seeing them thrive by learning to trust being in the water on their own.

About J Splash Academy

J Splash Academy offers swim lessons for all ages – starting at six months. This program is designed to create strong, confident and lifelong swimmers. Our swim instructors are trained to offer positive reinforcement, encouragement and compassion-based instruction in three broad areas of J Splash. The three areas include Introduction to Water & Water Safety Skills, Basic Swimming Skills, and Competitive Swimming Technique. Children will progress through our ‘fishy levels’ (Starfish to Hammerheads) and learn new and exciting skills throughout the different tiers. To learn more about J Splash Academy, click here.

If you are looking for one-on-one instruction with a swim instructor, private lessons are also offered for all ages.