The J – Impact Every Day

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Everyone is welcome at the J.

You’ll see these words on all our materials. We live them every day. Our mission, to enrich lives, build community, promote inclusivity and create meaningful Jewish experiences is evident in every program, service and experience we create.

Why? Because everyone is changed by what we do and the experiences they have here: supporting someone in her fitness quest, helping an elderly man stay in his home by delivering nutritious meals, providing a truly life-changing summer camp experience for a child. We make life easier. We inspire people. We know this because we continually monitor the impact of our work. As a successful business, we have tools and metrics in place to ensure that what we provide is meaningful, relevant and impactful.

At the beginning and the end of every day, we know our business – our mission – is serving people: old, young, healthy, disabled, Jewish and otherwise, those who are able to give and many, many who are in need. What we do matters – and we hope, as you turn these pages, you’ll understand just how much.

We thank our board, volunteers, funders, donors, partners and staff for ensuring that we are able to continue to create impact every day.

Felicia M. Malter
Board Chair

Lynn Wittels
President & Chief Executive Officer