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Jewish Community Center

Planned & Legacy Giving

“As my ancestors planted for me, so too I plant for my children and my children’s children.” -Talmud

Thank you for considering a will, bequest, or other gift to the J

The passing of our values from one generation to the next is one of the most fundamental tenants of Judaism. We lead by example. We teach. We tell stories that reflect our values. And we give. Leaving a Legacy Gift to the J ensures that those who come after you will have the opportunity for the same enriching experiences you’ve had, and allows you to share your values directly with the next generation. There are many ways that you can make a tax-advantaged planned gift to The J, which meet your short and long-term philanthropic goals.

You have the opportunity to guarantee that your favorite program will exist forever. Long after your lifetime, families in St. Louis will benefit from your generosity and vision for continuity of J programs.

Your Legacy Gift is forever because endowments are permanent. When you create a Legacy Gift that is allocated to our endowment, the principal is never spent. The balance in your fund is invested, earning income that is then designated to support the vital programs of the Jewish Community Center

Who benefits from your bequest or planned gift to the J?

Serving more than 50,000 individuals and offering more than 200 programs, the Jewish Community Center impacts hundreds of thousands of people each year. The benefits of your Legacy Gift will be felt by each visitor, member or program participant for generations to come. As our parents and grandparents have built before us, we must each create a legacy for our children.

For more information, please contact MJ Probst at 314-442-3112.