The Jewish Community Center of St. Louis offers a variety of racquet sports including tennis, racquetball, squash and badminton. Enthusiasts know that sports, especially of the racquet variety can be a lot of fun and improve hand-eye coordination as well as teach discipline and sportsmanship. But according to the Racquet Sports Industry  the benefits of participating in racquet sports can extend to other areas of your life.


Learning a sport is often a great way to practice life skills because you are required to anticipate and react accordingly. It also aids in problem solving because it teaches the player to consider things from different angles and take geometry and physics into account. With this comes the ability to implement strategy effectively. Stress control is another mental and physical benefit of participating in racquet sports. Building up a tolerance for the mental and emotional stress of racquet sports increases your capacity to deal with stress in day-to-day life off the court.


Other commonly overlooked benefits of racquet sports are physical but extend beyond cardiovascular fitness. Tennis, racquetball, squash and badminton are strong choices for cross-training so athletes keep mentally and physically in shape. Participants also improve balance because of the rapid starts, stops and changes of direction. In addition, racquet sports strengthen bones and immune systems, which promotes overall health.


Give yourself a healthy serving of racquet sports no matter your ability level. The Jewish Community Center of St. Louis can help you to find the best sport for you and how you can continue to improve.