Teaming up with the J: Trainer Helps Belinda Find Herself

Carlos and Belinda Header

My name is Belinda Tracy. I am a gardener, musician, mother of a 14-year-old boy, Azmat Khan, and caregiver to my partner of 15 years.

We have been members of the J for the last six years. It is very close to our home and we knew if we had to go too far we just wouldn’t go at all. Besides, the J offered so many additional classes as part of the membership as well as indoor and outdoor pools. Wow!

Initially, we joined as a safe place for my partner to walk and exercise after major heart surgery. And, of course, a great facility for our family to play and exercise.

In the fall of 2016, I was diagnosed with some form of arthritis. For months, the doctors couldn’t tell me exactly what was happening. After several x-rays, blood tests, visits to the doctors,  medications and considerable money I was still in pain and the doctors couldn’t diagnose the problem.

The beginning of 2017 started off rough and challenging, another health challenge with my partner kept him in rehab for 2 ½ months and he is still recovering. The stress of this event caused me to lose myself with worry. The last few months have been a struggle. I was tired of feeling fatigued, drained, and mentally exhausted. Besides, I would look in the mirror and not recognize who was looking back at me. I tried to work out but would give in to my tiredness.

“We started with a consultation appointment. Belinda was very excited and ready to get started in the right direction [with her fitness plan].”
– Personal Trainer Carlos Rijos-Soto

Carlos and Belinda SquareFinally after months of pain, increases in medicines, financial burdens for medical bills and the demands of life bearing down on me, I decided to listen to my heart and get help and invest in myself. I knew that I needed to get into shape, lose weight and increase my flexibility and cardio [ability]. That’s when I met my trainer, Carlos Rijos-Soto. I began this journey with Carlos July 12, 2017 — totally committed to losing weight, gaining endurance and strength and overcoming my pain. I had always been active in my younger days and wanted to feel strong again. Now I am working out with Carlos twice a week with a customized routine and also doing a swim routine on the weekends and diligently watching my diet.

Working with a trainer has exceeded my expectations. With Carlo’s guidance and expertise, I am reaching the goals I had set for myself. He is also committed to my progress and helping me reach my goals. The teamwork is great!

“I always approach [our workouts] with a positive mindset. Every training session is done with objectives to exactly match her needs and personal goals. We focus on the plan for that day as a team!”
– Personal Trainer Carlos Rijos-Soto

Four months have passed and I’ve lost 22 lbs, my clothes fit better, my energy has increased and I am no longer on pain or high blood pressure medicines. I am continuing my training with Carlos and with his guidance and encouragement I’m looking forward to having a healthy lifestyle and being myself again.

I’ve always enjoyed coming to the J. The facility is clean and the people are friendly. The group classes are fun and cover a wide range of activities for everyone at every level to enjoy and benefit. I especially like the yoga classes and the pools.

Belinda Tracy