Tips to Setting Fitness Goals in 2019

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By Shir Barzilay, J Personal Trainer
ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics 

Do you want to ensure “new year, new you” in 2019? The best way to get started and to hold yourself accountable is to set fitness goals that are reasonable, trackable and right for you. Goals and how you track them can impact more than just your New Year’s resolutions. Bad goal setting can affect your outlook towards your fitness, your health and yourself.

What kind of goals are you setting for yourself? Are you setting product goals or process goals? It is important to know the difference between these fitness goals and how to use them both in a way that benefit you most. The type of goal can make a big difference!

Product goals are your bigger picture goals that may require planning ahead, and process goals help break down your overwhelming big picture goals into habit forming, steady, reachable weekly goals.

• Product goals are known as results goals – goals focused around a specific result or outcome. These project-oriented goals focused on your destination but not how you’re getting there. Examples of product goals could be ‘losing 100 pounds,’ ‘running a mile in seven minutes,’ etc.
• Process goals are performance-focused goals, in which the objective is to focus on the process and performance. These goals focus on the journey and help you build habits. Process goals help you break down your product goals into achievable chunks that help you see the progress you’re achieving.

For example, if your product goal is to reach your goal weight, your process goals could include meeting with a personal trainer once a week, adding a group exercise class to your workout schedule and running twice a week.

Reaching your process goals week after week builds habits, as well as provides rewards each time you achieve your goals, keeping your motivation high and advancing your progress. By focusing on your process goals (being at the gym four days a week, etc.) and reaching those goals week after week, you’re also making progress towards your product goal (a healthier you).

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