Triathlon Tips:

–Train in each sport every week. Rotate between swimming, biking and running so that you improve your endurance consistently in each. This is important even if you are stronger in one area than the others.

–Gradually increase the amount of time you train each week.
–As the triathlon nears, practice two disciplines back to back so you get used to switching muscle sets.

–Stay hydrated. Make sure to drink a minimum of eight 8-oz glasses of water per day. Remember to hydrate during the biking portion in particular because it will be harder to drink water while running and you won’t have a chance to while swimming.

— Phase out processed foods and stick to grains, vegetables and protein and work on maintaining a healthy weight.


At the triathlon you can participate in the sprint course or the long course. The Sprint Course will be 8 laps of swimming, 8 miles on a spin bike and 2.5 miles running on a treadmill. The long course is 15 laps in the pool, 18 miles on the spin bike and 5 miles on the treadmill.  If you really want to get physical, participate in a two-day sprint, two-day long course or two-day combination.


Check out the times from last year’s event.


See you there, happy training!