How Group Exercise Classes Help You Remain Consistent in Pursuing Your Health Goals

Do you think you should exercise a little more? Don’t worry because you aren’t the only one. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), less than 25% of Americans get enough exercise. The key to keeping up with your exercise goals is by maintaining consistency. It takes the average person up to 70 days to start a habit. Joining a small group exercise class is the perfect way to keep you on track through consistency. Here are five ways you can crush your health goals by attending small group exercise classes regularly. 

1. There’s Something for Everyone

An amazing benefit of being a community center member is that there are wide varieties of small group exercises that you can join. Community centers provide physical activities that are also mentally stimulating for children, adults, and senior citizens alike!

Exercise is rewarding, but it’s also hard work. Getting into a regular workout routine is hard enough; it’s especially challenging if you don’t enjoy the exercises you are doing. 

The first step to staying consistent with exercise is to find an exercise class that brings you joy.  From dancing to yoga to HIIT classes, there is something for everyone in group classes. Once you find the class that brings you joy, returning each week will only get easier! 

2. They Give You An Exercise Road Map

Joining a gym can be intimidating, especially without any knowledge of how machines work. You can easily overexert yourself on lat pulls and bench presses, go too fast on a treadmill, or set the incline too high on a step machine. All of these situations can lead to bad experiences that make staying consistent difficult.

Sometimes the hardest part of starting a consistent workout routine is knowing where to begin. We all know we need to increase our strength, improve our cardiovascular health, and stretch our bodies. However, achieving all of this sounds like a full-time job! 

You don’t need to come up with a workout routine. Leave it up to the professionals!

Small group exercise classes are designed by trained fitness instructors. They are knowledgeable in everything from building muscle to improving mobility. Instructors also bring an infectious energy to the room that makes you feel good about showing up.

3. Scheduled Classes Provide Built-In Consistency 

Research shows that working out at the same time every day (or week) can improve your chances of staying consistent. 

One study of 375 people found that those who exercised at the same time every day logged more workout hours than those who didn’t, clocking 65 extra minutes on average!

Most small group exercise classes run around the same time. This consistency allows you to plan for exercise accordingly, including eating schedules, coordinating babysitters, work meetings, and other important tasks that may interfere with your workout schedule.  

Your mind and body know what to expect at that exact time on those exact days.

4. Friends That Slay Together, Stay Together

As we mentioned, the average person doesn’t get enough exercise daily. If you are one of those people, there are thousands of others in the same boat as you. Many of them could be found in small group exercise classes. 

Sharing experiences is the foundation of creating meaningful relationships with people. Whether you’re nervous about joining a class, trying to lose weight, or looking for a social outlet, there is someone in your class that is going through the same situation or has in the past. 

Friendships also take consistency. By showing up to class each week, you are checking off two goals at one time. You are showing up for your newfound friends and your newfound self! 

5. Seeing Results Is Rewarding

The more you weed and water a garden, the better it will grow. The same is said about exercise. Showing up will burn fat, improve your flexibility, and boost your mood.

Admittedly, attending one class will not bring results overnight. You might feel a slight buzz of energy or a little muscle soreness the next day or two, but those feelings will fade away, and everything will reset back to neutral.

The only way to keep making progress is to keep pushing forward. Achieve (and celebrate) mini-milestones by showing up to exercise classes consistently. 

With time, you will notice slight changes in your body and mood. Over the weeks, witnessing these transformations will empower you to keep moving and pursuing a healthier you! 

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