Dear J Family,

We truly appreciate the comments and feedback you’ve shared with respect to the COVID pandemic, changing guidelines and accompanying procedures. This has been, without a doubt, a very challenging 18 months for all of us. As we have promised throughout the pandemic, we continue to follow the mandates of St. Louis County and offer options for people who are still uncomfortable returning to the J. Our online fitness offerings have been a welcome alternative to in-person classes. Additionally, as cooler fall weather approaches, we are bringing back several outdoor fitness options.

The J is far more than just a fitness center. Our Early Childhood Education program helps instill a love of learning at an early age, our camping program (both J Day Camps and Camp Sabra) helps build confidence, independence and, especially this summer, provided a return to normal childhood activities. Our award-winning Cultural Arts programming promotes thoughtful consideration of life around us. And, our Life Enrichment and Adult Day Services tend to the critical needs of the elderly, homebound and differently-abled young adults.

We are the J, and we are proud to be such a vital part of the lives of so many who call the J their second home.

Thank you for your support during the past 18 months and thank you in advance for your continued support as we ride this out . . . together.

Lynn Wittels
President & CEO
St. Louis Jewish Community Center