The J is excited to continually increase our Group Exercise options, including times, class types, etc. In a new series of blog posts, we’ll be helping our members explore the benefits and meet the instructors of some of our latest classes, as well as some of our favorite offerings. This week, we’re highlighting our new 7am classes at the Staenberg Family Complex in Creve Coeur. 

Group Exercise Early Classes

We know what you’re thinking. Sometimes it’s just too hard to get up and get in your workout before work or the day’s duties begin. However, with Chelsey and Leigh leading you through your workout, you’ll get through your exercise without feeling like it’s work!


Circuit Training with Chelsey (7am on Tuesdays, Staenberg Family Complex)

Chelsey’s class is a mix of strength training and cardio exercises – a great all-body workout. You’ll do three rotations of 8 to 10 exercises (30 to 45 seconds each) that are designed to strengthen your muscles and get your heart rate up. Chelsey likes to keep the class feeling fresh, so she changes up the exercises, style and music regularly. One week may be stations that you rotate through, and the next week you may set up your own area with all the equipment you need in one place.

Chelsey knows that you benefit from your workout the most when you have the proper form, but you enjoy your workouts the most when you’re having fun with your friends. She takes the time to focus on each participant as they do the exercises, but she makes sure her classes stay fun and social.

“I am full of energy, and I’ll push you as much as you need it. My job is to stay aware while creating an environment that you enjoy.” – Chelsey

Cardio Sculpt with Leigh (7am on Thursdays, Staenberg Family Complex)

Leigh is energetic, friendly, supportive, upbeat and safe – but never boring! That makes sense since she teaches an early-morning class that she describes as a ‘fast class” full of weights, cardio, flexibility and fun. Cardio Sculpting is a total-body workout for all levels – Leigh can help you make whatever modifications you may need for your fitness level, any injuries, etc.

Leigh prides herself in never teaching the same class twice and making sure that all her clients get a great, balanced workout. From the warmup to the cooldown, she makes sure to provide plenty of instruction along the way. Want an upbeat way to start the day? Try this class with Leigh!

The J offers more than 200 Group Exercise classes each week, including the most popular classes like yogaPilatescycling, Zumba and Tabata. Group Exercise classes are included in your J membership.