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We’ve all been there: you’re feeling motivated, you start a new diet and exercise routine, you grind through the first few weeks and never miss a workout until, one day, something comes up and you miss that first one. Life gets in the way. This is an easy trap to fall into when you’re working out alone, whether it’s at home or at the gym. Enter: a personal trainer from the J. Our trainers are nationally-certified experts in health and fitness.

There are countless benefits to having a personal trainer, but to keep things easy, here are our top five.

1. Accountability

Having someone other than yourself to hold you accountable is a huge help when it comes to staying disciplined and consistent in your workouts. As J trainer Ryan Watkins knows, “it’s easy to start a program, but then to follow through to finish it or be consistent with it is tough.” Having a personal trainer makes it harder to come up with excuses to skip a workout because you’re not only letting yourself down, you’re letting your trainer down too.

2. Personalized/Targeted Workouts

Personal trainers enable you to work out with a purpose. They help you set and achieve your goals, whether you want to lose a few pounds or totally bulk up. Trainers take the guesswork out of exercise and help you focus on getting your desired results by prescribing the workouts you need. Don’t fret though, not every trainer is a hardcore drill sergeant. “I think the biggest misconception is you’re going to be yelled at,” said Ryan, “I’m trying to push you, but I also know you have limits, and I know you know your own body.”

3. Safety

Working out is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle, but one mishap in the gym could result in injury, putting you on the sidelines and undoing any progress you’ve made. Our nationally-certified trainers have the expertise required to make sure you get the most out of your exercises without hurting yourself. Ryan says “it’s easy to butcher an exercise. Let me show you the proper technique and break it down.” You can watch as many YouTube videos as you want, nothing beats having a trainer personally show you the safe and correct way to execute an exercise.

4. Fun

We all know doing the same workout over and over again can be a drag. Pumping iron isn’t always the most enjoyable experience, even if you’re getting results. A personal trainer knows how to challenge you and keep you engaged with expert knowledge on workouts you’ve never even heard of, allowing you to mix up your routine without sacrificing results. Personal trainers can be both your coach and your friend, keeping you motivated while still having a good time.

5. Confidence

You can’t go wrong when our trainers have your back. Not only will they help you reach your goals and get you looking and feeling good, but you can rest assured that they’re giving you the best guidance available because they’re nationally certified. They’re our resident experts and they’re here to help you.

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Our nationally-certified personal trainers will customize a program to meet your unique needs, creating a safe and effective way to reach your goals. Programs may include cardiovascular exercise, resistance and/or functional training, or stretching, all with an individualized goal-oriented focus.

To be matched with a J personal trainer or to schedule your free fitness assessment, contact:
Staenberg Family Complex/Creve Coeur: Bernie Suddarth, 314.442.3452
Marilyn Fox Building/Chesterfield: Andy Hayes, 314.442.3147