stretching fitnessExercise + Rest = Your Total Workout

Getting the most out of your workout isn’t only about hitting the gym harder and longer. Rest and recovery are important elements of your fitness routine. Giving your body the chance to rest helps prevent injuries, makes your next workout more efficient and helps you achieve your best results.

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Switching up your routine is a great way to keep your workouts fun and prevent your body from plateauing. There are many ways to play at the J, and we’ve created a quiz to help match you to your next workout.

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Seven Weekly Tips from Our Fitness Staff

1. Shop the perimeter – Healthier foods like fruits, vegetables and meats aren’t generally found in the aisles of the grocery store. Try to fill your cart with items found around the perimeter of the store and avoid the aisles as much as possible.

2. Put on your gym clothes – It sounds silly, but just committing to putting on your workout clothes can be enough to convince yourself to head to the gym. You don’t HAVE to workout once you have your gym clothes on, but you’re far more likely to. 

3. Watch less TV – It’s tough to admit, but TV watching is a sedentary activity. Can you challenge yourself to replace some of your TV watching with a more active hobby? 

4. Meditate – Try to meditate for at least five minutes a day. Close your eyes and bring your attention to one thing (like your breath) for a period of time. When your mind starts to wander (and it will!) just let that go and return to your breath. The J offers meditation classes and yoga classes with meditative qualities as part of our Group Exercise schedule.

5. Skip the cream and sugar in your tea or coffee – And artificial sweeteners, too. Drinking your beverages straight is healthier for you and allows you to maximize their benefits.

6. Take a hike- No shortage of benefits here: the varied terrain makes this workout a little more intense than just walking, you get to absorb vitamin D from the sun, and hiking is generally a longer workout than a short walk around the neighborhood. Take your Myzone MZ3 along to track your workout!

7. Journal – Write about your negative thoughts instead of holding them in. Writing down negative experiences, thoughts and problems helps you process, problem-solve and cope. The simple act of writing things down can make a huge difference.