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What Should be in Your Gym Bag?

What should be in Your Gym Bag?
By Shir Barzilay, J Personal Trainer 

An important part of your fitness regime is the preparation you put into your pre- and post-workout rituals and comfort. You don’t want to derail your planned workout by getting to the gym and realizing that you don’t have something you need in your gym bag. Also, making sure that you’ve packed the little things that will keep you comfortable and satisfied after your workout can help you from picking up an unhealthy snack or drink after your sweat session.

Here are our training staffs top tips for their gym bag essentials and extras:

1. Deodorant

Beginning with perhaps the most obvious item on our list: deodorant. We’ve all been there when we get to the gym and realize we have forgotten to apply deodorant. Or, when we’ve just finished a grueling session and realize there’s no deodorant to use. Keeping deodorant in your gym bag solves that problem and alleviates the excuse of “I have somewhere to be after my workout and I don’t want to be smelly, so I can’t work out without deodorant.”

2. Cleansing Wipes

Never underestimate the power of cleansing wipes. They are multipurpose, take up little space and are very handy in a variety of situations. Face wipes help clean up your face for a fresh feel directly after a workout, and wipes can also be used on equipment you’d like to use to make sure is extra clean. Not a fan of using disposable wipes? The internet is full of ideas of how to make your own reusable wipes at home.

3. Extra Socks, Underwear and Hair Ties

Having an extra pair of socks or underwear in your gym bag comes in handy if you forgot to bring a pair while in a rush or if the socks you have on keep slipping down into your shoe making you uncomfortable. And, everyone with long hair knows the struggle of pulling up to the gym with a wrist vacant of hair ties. Results wait for no one, come prepared with extras and you will have one less thing to worry about!

4. Headphones

One of the best ways to stay motivated and pushing hard at the gym is to bring your favorite form of entertainment! Make sure to pack headphones in your gym bag (and keep extras in there if possible!). If your headphones are wireless, remember the charger. This helps ensure that you can jam out to music or listen to an audiobook during your workout.

5. Water Bottle

This one is necessary! Staying hydrated is super important. Sure, the J has plenty of water fountains, but keeping your own bottle near you will help you remember to hydrate more during your workout. The more you sweat, the more you need to drink to replenish the water lost during the workout. Staying hydrated at the gym allows you to train longer and harder.

6. Pre- and Post-workout Snack

While some people prefer to work out on an empty stomach, a pre-workout snack high in carbs and protein will ensure an energetic session. And, a post-workout snack that is high in protein helps keep energy high and prevent you from crashing and grabbing a easy-to-find unhealthy snack during recovery.