Sue Perez, a staff member at the J, can’t say enough great things about the J’s 6 Week Body Transformation program or the J trainer leading her group. Sue began the program at the beginning of January 2015 and has quickly seen results.
“My class instructor, John Slay, is so encouraging with all the participants and makes each of the three sessions every week very rewarding,” said Sue. “I’m beginning week five of the six week session, and I’ve lost 10 pounds – now THAT’s rewarding.”
The 6 Week Body Transformation program is a small group training program focused on supporting participants to reach their fitness goals and demonstrating how to continue on their path to success.
Participants receive:

• Dedicated attention from a J certified personal trainer with advanced health coach training
• Three small-group workouts each week devoted to the group’s overall goals
• Nutrition coaching, including meals and recipes to keep you on track
• Measurements, including weigh-ins and body circumference to track your amazing results
• Weekly tips/lessons to provide continuous motivation
• Online support with your group as you work toward your ultimate goal

Participants in this program should have a weight loss goal of more than 15 pounds and be able to make a six-week commitment. Multiple session times are available to fit into your schedule, so pick the group time that works best for you!
The next 6 Week Body Transformation session begins February 16, so sign up now! Join a group of like-minded individuals and achieve your goals. Surround yourself with the tools and support of peers and professionals to help create a healthier and better you! Click here for pricing.
“If you haven’t yet tried our group classes, give it a go,” said Sue. “How can you not take advantage of our outstanding instructors and classes?”
For more information about the J’s 6 Week Body Transformation, contact:
Malinda Walker, 314-442-3176 (Staenberg)
Andy Hayes, 314-442-3147 (Fox)
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