The J is excited to welcome Snir Dagan as our new Israeli Shaliach. Snir will be serving the St. Louis Jewish community for the next two years. In his role, he will provide Israel education and engagement through various programs and services.

Before coming to the J, Snir was a shinshin in St. Louis for one year in 2018, so he’s very accustomed to life here already!

“I am thrilled to be back and to spend meaningful time with the Jewish community of St. Louis.”

Snir grew up in Moshav Ein Yahav, which is a small community in Southern Israel. Most families in Ein Yahav practice agriculture and grow crops, such as sweet peppers, tomatoes, watermelons, eggplants, medjool dates, etc. Medjool dates are the most common kind of dates in the Arava region (where Ein Yahav is located), and each season they ripen right before Rosh Hashanah!

Every year, a week before Rosh Hashanah, every family in his Moshav (settlement or town) gets a Shanah Tovah card together with a basket full of sweet medjool dates: ‘L’Shanah Metukah’ – for a sweet year.

This year, Snir’s New Year resolutions (or #RoshGoals) are to make new friends and connections with people in the community and to make meaningful contributions to the J and to its members.

From Snir: “I wish our amazing community a wonderful, energetic, happy healthy, and sweet New Year. Here’s to a year full of learning and self-care and to a year of growth and development as individuals and community.”

Shanah Tovah!

If you are interested in connecting or learning from Snir, please feel free to contact him via email.

For more information about our Israeli programming, click here.