What is MYZONE?

MYZONE is a new, innovative, heart rate-based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately monitor your physical activity. It tracks heart rate, calories burned and time spent exercising, which calculates MYZONE Effort Points (MEPS). This system rewards your efforts! Users simply wear a MYZONE monitor attached to a comfortable strap. Once we’ve registered it online, all physical activity is tracked in real time, allowing you to view your progress via a free app and also on leaderboards in the J’s fitness center. MYZONE enhances your enjoyment of your activity by providing personal, color-coded guidance (a different color for every zone) and motivational feedback.

MYZONE Brochure

How does heart rate training work? How could it work for me?

Heart rate training works by instantly informing you of your effort level. It familiarizes you with the effort you’re expending in each zone and allows you to work in the most efficient way to achieve your goals. That might be harder or less hard than you might think!

How accurate is it?

It is very accurate. The actually current heart rate number displayed has less than a 3% error. The MYZONE system goes a step further by actually learning your effort and exercise capacity.  Over time, based on your workouts, the artificial intelligence technology will learn your zones and adjust your effort zones accordingly. So the more fit you become, the higher your zone thresholds will be. This assures you are always working out efficiently – even on those lazy days when it feels harder than it really is.

What do I do with the information (zones and MEPs) once I see it on my phone?

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The zones are color coded and go in order of effort levels every 10% starting at 50% of your maximum heart rate capability. The MEPs (MYZONE Effort Points) are earned based on the amount of time you spend in each zone. The higher the zone, the more MEPs you earn. This is a quick and easy way to compare one workout to another. You attain points based on time AND effort, instead of just effort. This is also a lot more fun and easier to track than calories.

Is MYZONE included in my membership?

The actual hardware (strap and transmitter) must be purchased, but the use of MYZONE is free whenever and wherever you are in the fitness center. Unlike other facilities, you do not need to be enrolled in a fee- based class to be able to use your MYZONE, see the feedback, enter challenges, or get onto our leaderboard.  MYZONE can be used anywhere, at any time, in or outside of the facility. You can even go for a run or bike ride outside – the exercise will upload to the cloud and onto our leaderboard and sync up with everything you do inside the J! Also, if you already own a MYZONE fitness tracker, we can connect it to the J’s system – just inquire at the fitness desk!

I want to use MYZONE and maximize my workouts and see my MEPs on the leaderboard. What do I do next?

Great! Just inquire at the fitness desk. We can set you up with a tracker and session with a personal trainer to explain the MYZONE tracker and system!


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