by Snir Dagan, J Israeli Shaliach

Hanukkah is a special holiday also known as, “The Festival of Lights”, and is a magical time in Israel. The smell of fresh sufganiyot (fried jelly-filled donuts) fills the streets with all kinds of different flavors and styles. Minivans with huge Menorahs drive around major roads through Israeli cities, children spin the dreidels in school and big companies publish special edition candies and packages to celebrate the miracle that happened on these days in ancient times.

Another special Israeli tradition that is happening during Hanukkah is the Festigal. Festigal is an annual song and dance musical show for children. Festigal is held every year at Hanukkah time, during the children’s school vacation. Kids all over Israel wait all year for these shows that take place usually in the three biggest Israeli cities: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa.

I think Hanukkah is a great opportunity to look at the light in our life – our friends, family, co-workers and other important people in our life. Remind yourself to be grateful how much joy and happiness they bring to our lives and join in celebrating the miracle and good times throughout the year.

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