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Try a Cycling Class Today

Cycling classes at the J provide you with one of the most intense and thrilling workouts you will ever have. Our classes are typically held with the lights turned down and the music turned up, so that you can have the most fun possible. Cycling works all parts of the body such as legs, abs, back and hips – and that is what makes it so popular. Hop on a bike and join the fun of cycling! Most importantly, classes are included for free with your J membership along with more than 200 total group exercise classes.

Group Exercise Schedule

What is cycling?

Cycling is a low-impact aerobic workout on a flywheel bicycle that reciprocates the feel of riding an actual bike by spinning and building momentum without moving the bike around the room. At the J, our classes are taught by instructors who lead you through a great cardiovascular workout through speed and the changing of gears along with visualized and motivational music cues.

Benefits of Cycle Classes

Cycling builds lower body and core strength as well as musculature and cardiovascular health. By working out the lower body and core consistently throughout the class, it helps build cardiovascular endurance and lowers resting heart rate levels over time. Cycling also relieves you of stress by releasing powerful endorphins that create a relaxed feeling afterwards. Working out as a group builds community for the riders as well and gives them the accountability to stick to their fitness goals. These two factors will keep you coming back to see the results you are looking to find!

Cycling at the J

The J offers a variety of 55-minute Cycle classes. Currently, you can choose from 17 classes per week at Staenberg Family Complex in Creve Coeur and 18 per week at the Marilyn Fox Building in Chesterfield. We offer:

Cycle 40/20: a high-energy, upbeat class built on a combination of strength and core
AM Express Cycle: a quick morning class filled with aerobic exercises and motivational music right before starting your workday
Cycle: an intense aerobic workout through visualization and high-energy music cues

Our group exercise schedule includes details about every cycling class that we offer, or contact Group Exercise Manager Priscilla Westbrooks, 314-442-3210.

Our classes provide a great workout for all levels. Techniques vary with focus on speed and endurance, as well as climbing with heavy gear. Some classes will include a more powerful component with heavier gear intervals, while others may focus on speed drills at lower gears to build endurance over longer periods of time. Each class is designed to be challenging in some way, but everyone is encouraged to modify their gears and speed as needed and to leave the class feeling successful.

Our cycling participants are some of our most dedicated members. The community that the classes build is what keeps members motivated about working out. Our members support each other, treat each other like family and are the foundation of the cycling classes. Our instructors are professional and unique, and you will never get bored in one of our classes!

Pick a cycling class with us today! It’s included for free in your J membership. Please contact our Group Exercise Manager Priscilla Westbrooks for more information on our group exercise classes.