zone-match-content_zone-match-sm-image-2-_1080x1080During the month of August, the J is challenging our Myzone users to use their Myzone App’s Zone Match feature – easy-to-follow workouts right inside the app. Zone Match is a color-driven cardio game where users aim to match the target color to their own Myzone Effort Tile. The longer you match the prescribed color zone, the higher your Zone Match score. 

Explore Zone Match

How to Participate 

Start your workout with your Myzone Belt. On the ‘Workout’ tab in the Myzone app, select the button labeled “ZM” for Zone Match.

Choose from your preferred workout duration: 11, 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Each workout duration carries the same weight per submission. Each duration option has multiple intensity and interval options from which to choose. 

Once you have chosen your workout, click the button labeled “load.” When your program has loaded, press the button labeled ‘play’ and follow the displayed zone on your screen. The goal of your workout is to match the zones as closely as possible – as close to 100% as you can!

To submit your workout for our August prizes, take a screenshot of the workout once you have completed it. Send your results via email to Fitness Manager Andy Hayes at

There is no limit to how many entries a participant can submit during the month. At the end of August, the five participants with the greatest zone-match will earn a free J fitness service!