Beginning art classes at a young age can be very beneficial to childhood development. Noah’s Art Class at the JCC offers children ages 3 through 5 a creative outlet to express themselves. Being able to enjoy creating something also boosts a child’s self confidence, which is very important at this age. Art courses can also help children develop imagination, problem solving strategies, motor skills and cognitive skills. According to Psychology Today Magazine, “When they’re still young, they seem to compare what they’re doing to what they want to do. Magically, they seem to regard each drawing as a triumphic (sic? not sure that’s a word) accomplishment of whatever they were working toward.” This is the foundation for their meaning system and over time can be replaced by self criticism. Noah’s Art Class allows students to explore materials, mediums and techniques as they create masterpieces that are all their own. The six-week program will be held on Thursdays from April 1st through May 5th from 12:45 to 2 p.m. at the Fox Children’s Activity Center. Register Here.