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Jewish Community Center

The J’la – Annual Fundraising Gala

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The J’la: The J’s Annual Fundraising Gala

Saturday, November 17, 7pm
Hilton Frontenac Hotel
1335 S. Lindbergh Blvd.
Music, Games, Cocktails & More!

We're Proud to Honor: The Siwak Family

For generations, the Siwak family has been an important part of our J family. They have given their time, talent and treasures, and they have done so in a way that continues to benefit our community profoundly. Nancy and Al created a special fund to ensure all kids can learn to swim. Todd served as Board Chair during a pivotal time when the organization established the roadmap for our future, and he and Gianna have been significant supporters of our cultural arts programming. Roger is the “Mayor of Maccabi.” Greg and Stacy have both served on the Board of Directors and have stepped up when we needed them most – Stacy, in 2016, when we hosted the JCC Maccabi Games, and Greg, currently, as chair of our J2020 initiative. Erin served as co-chair of our fundraising gala two years ago.

We are tremendously thankful to the Siwaks for their leadership and vision. They are making our J and our community a better place for us all.

Nancy & Al Siwak
Gianna Jacobson & Todd Siwak
Roger Siwak
Stacy & Greg Siwak
Erin & Steve Schuver

Michelle & Jeff Cohen
Wendy & Mark Gellman
Lisa & Art Weiss

Bette Abeles
Penny & Marc Alper
Marie & Stuart Block
Liz Kalicak
Marty Oberman
Brian I. Pultman
Julie Sandler
Caryn Sandweiss
Erin Schuver
Judi Scissors

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