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Jewish Community Center

Youth Racquetball

Youth Racquetball Program

Grades K – 8

Children (grades K-8) will learn racquetball rules and techniques, including serves, forehand and backhand, and participate in drills, games and match play as part of skill-building. The game of racquetball helps with hand-eye coordination, speed and agility, and develops good sportsmanship. Children will get plenty of physical activity, burn calories and enjoy learning a fun sport they can play their entire life. The program will conclude with a competitive tournament on the last day. Please bring your own racquet and eye protection; racquetballs are provided. Non-marking athletic shoes are required. Program may be split into separate age groups depending on enrollment.

Creve Coeur/Staenberg Family Complex





Phil Ruben, 314-442-3279

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Racquetball or Squash Lessons – Individual or Small Group

For 6 to 17-year-olds. Learn the basics of the game and how to get started, or advance your skills. You will further your knowledge of strategy; including using the walls to your advantage and other tips and techniques. Beginners will learn terminology, simple shot selection, court positioning, grip, swing, shots, serve and more.

Creve Coeur/Staenberg Family Complex

By appointment.


$50 members/$70 public per hour (packages available)


Phil Ruben, 314-442-3279