Hello! Although the J is closed, we’ve been working hard to connect with you in new and exciting ways. We hope you’ll find a way to connect with us at your Virtual J.

If you have a question or need, you can still call us at 314.432.5700 or send us an email.

We can hardly wait to see you again, but until that day, you can find your Center online.

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Jewish Community Center

Youth Racquetball

Racquetball Lessons – Individual or Small Group

For 6 to 17-year-olds. Learn the basics of the game and how to get started, or advance your skills. You will further your knowledge of strategy; including using the walls to your advantage and other tips and techniques. Beginners will learn terminology, simple shot selection, court positioning, grip, swing, shots, serve and more.

Creve Coeur/Staenberg Family Complex

By appointment.


$50 members/$70 public per hour (packages available)


Justin Haddad, 314-442-3279