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Jewish Community Center

Tzedek Box

Join our Tribe on Tzedek Box!

The Tzedek Box is a new ritual supporting Jews and their allies by connecting them to social justice opportunities in their local community and nationwide. Every time you strive to build a better world, add a note to your box. Once a year, you’ll open your box.

Here’s how it works:

1. Download the free Tzedek Box app on the App Store or Google Play and join the STL tribe.
2. Each time you do something to improve our world, write it down on a slip of paper. What you felt, learned, concluded from this experience. Drop that note in your physical box or input it into the app.
3. Each year on Yom HaTzedek, open the box and take account of your year, the work you’ve done and the work ahead.

For more on what the Tzedek Box is and their story, visit here.

Children under 7 years old who join our tribe will receive a free Tzedekah box thanks to PJ Library!

For more information on Tzedek box, please contact Director of Jewish Experience & Innovation, Avital Kadosh, 314.442.3172.