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Jewish Community Center

Kitchen J – Shabbat Dinners & Special Events

For more information, including event dates and menus, please visit the full Kitchen J page.

Shabbat Dinners Catered by Kitchen J

Shabbat shalom! Have a pleasant evening that begins with Shabbat candle lighting, followed by a lovely, traditional Shabbat dinner.

Shabbat dinners are served to individuals, 60 years or older, each Friday evening.

Passover Seders

Join your neighbors and invite your friends for Passover – we’ll recount the story of our exodus from Egypt and share a delicious, kosher Passover meal.

All events take place at:
Covenant Place
Mildred and Lee Bohm Social Hall
8 Millstone Campus Dr.


A minimal voluntary donation of $3.50 per meal is requested for individuals 60 years of age and older.
Meals are $8.00 for those under 60.

An additional $3.00 charge is required at the time of reservations for the Passover Seders.


Linda Korn

Reservations are required.
Make your reservations by calling Brittany Fischer, Coordinator of Senior Programs, 314-442-3149.