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Jewish Community Center

Kids’ Swim Programs

Summer Swim Team Prep

Ramp up your swimming as summer approaches! For ages 5-12.

Our J coaches, Julie (Tuesday) and Heather (Thursday), will help swimmers develop and enhance their competitive strokes. Sessions will be less about “just swimming laps” and geared toward helping create stronger swimmers through a structured workout format.

Coaches will address all strokes and swimmers should have some proficiency in every stroke. Swimmers will get reacclimated to meet distance and endurance requirements with primarily 25- and 50-yard swim intervals.

Program will include:

  • Starts
  • Stroke drills
  • Turns
  • How to finish strong

Staenberg Family Complex/Creve Coeur
Tuesday & Thursday, March 24-May 14
$129 members/$159 public

Call to register! Heather Cheseman, 314-442-3296

Kids’ Swim Boot Camp

Swim, run, jump, climb, throw, giggle, workout – all while moving nonstop! This program is suitable for children who can swim the length of the pool unaided up to swim team participants (ages 4 – 14). Enrollment requires evaluation by Aquatics staff. Program available at both J locations.

Staenberg Family Complex/Creve Coeur

Saturdays, January 11 – March 14, 9:30-10:15am
$115 members/$165 public
$127 members/$182 public (after December 30)

Saturdays, March 21 – May 9, 9:30-10:15am
$92 members/$132 public
$102 members/$146 public (after March 9)


Creve Coeur/Staenberg Family Complex: Heather Cheseman, 314-442-3296
Chesterfield/Marilyn Fox Building: Shyanne Martin, 314-442-3495