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Jewish Community Center

Gesher Music Festival

The Gesher Music Festival, a week-long series of chamber music concerts and community events, presents strikingly unique programs of chamber music performed by professional musicians from throughout the U.S.

Based on the Hebrew word Gesher, or bridge, the festival’s programming reflects themes inspired by the Jewish experience. From traditional concerts in formal halls to outreach performances for underserved audiences, the Festival connects across all communities and walks of life through culturally relevant themes.

Each year, the Festival invites musicians from around the country to join St. Louis musicians, enriching the artistic fabric of St. Louis through new, creative collaborations. Festival artists include members of many of the nation’s top symphony orchestras (including the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra), chamber music ensembles and university faculties, and are winners of major musical awards, including the Grammys and top prize in the Concert Artists Guild Competition.

For more information, visit the Gesher Musical Festival website.


Program fees vary per events – some events are FREE!


Program Director
Dana Hotle

Cultural Arts Box office