Memorial Day Weekend

  • Welcome St. Louis Senior Olympians! Please note that some of these events will affect portions of the J’s facilities throughout the weekend. Click here to view schedule changes that affect the gyms, pools, etc.
  • The J is open from 8am to 5pm on Monday, May 28. We’ll be open regular operating hours on May 26 & 27.
  • Outdoor pools open May 26. Click here to view our pool hours.
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Jewish Community Center

Dodgeball Tournament

J’s Monthly Dodgeball Tournament

3rd-12th Grades. A full night of dodgeball excitement and competition where the best and the bravest battle in a double elimination tournament. Teams can have a maximum of seven players, where six per team compete at one time. Best two out of three wins the match. Winner of the tournament will receive a trophy. Tournaments occur on the third Monday each month.

Chesterfield/Marilyn Fox Building

Mondays, September 18, October 16, November 20, December 18
$65 per team


Eddie Hsia