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Jewish Community Center

Body Transformation

18 years old +

Get the attention and support you need to lose weight and learn to keep it off. Body Transformation is a session of our Signature Small Group Training program. This session is about getting going, learning proper technique, gaining confidence and seeing results. This is the first step to a permanent lifestyle change. Increase your ability to perform daily activities. Join like-minded individuals and achieve your fitness goals together. Surround yourself with the tools and support of peers and professionals!

With Body Transformation, you’ll receive: 

  • Dedicated attention from a nationally certified personal trainer with advanced health coach training
  • Three small group workouts each week devoted to the group’s overall goals
  • Regular measurements, including weigh-ins and body circumference to track your amazing results

Body Transformation sessions are designed for new exercisers with a weight loss goal of at least 15% of their body weight. These small groups start with the basics and teach proper form and movements. Groups are set up in circuit fashion to keep participants moving while rotating muscle groups and energy systems in a way to stay within their target heart rate levels to burn fat more effectively. Participants move in the lower to middle heart rate levels and intensity. Sessions are intended to be completed without intense exhaustion or lingering effects but provide a feeling of achievement and goal advancement.

Learn more, including session times and pricing, but viewing the Signature Training page.