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Jewish Community Center

Strength Over Cancer – Fitness Class

Join Instructors Andrew and Ria for a 10-week fitness course intended to help you recover from cancer treatments alongside a small group of other cancer patients and survivors. Get your strength
and confidence back with a personalized training regiment that fits your recovery all while making new friends who understand your cancer journey.

This class will be FREE, courtesy of The Hamsa Wellness Community and its partners.

What is the Hamsa Wellness Community?

The Hamsa Wellness Community is a program at the J and a community partner of the national nonprofit Sharsheret organization. The Hamsa Wellness Community educates individuals regarding hereditary cancer risks, especially those of Ashkenazi Jewish, who have an increased risk of carrying a hereditary cancer gene mutation, and supports those facing a cancer diagnosis – especially those with breast and ovarian cancer – anywhere along their journey. All support and educational programs available locally or through Sharsheret are FREE, confidential, and individualized. The Hamsa Wellness Community welcomes the full spectrum of diversity and supports all who reach out. These programs are available to members of the J and the public.

Request More Information

Reach out to our Hamsa Wellness Community by filling out this form or contact Debbi Braunstein, 314.442.3266, for more information and resources.

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