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Support Nishmah: Fill Miriam’s Cup

Sharsheret Supports

Thank you!

Miriam's Cup 42000ish cupNishmah would like to say “Thanks!” A tremendous effort was made over the past few weeks to help us reach our campaign goal. We are more than halfway there and are working hard to keep going. We are confident that with continued efforts, we will be where we need to in the coming weeks. If you have not yet made an annual gift to Nishmah, or if you know of someone who might want to give, visit us online, or contact Shira Kraft. We are blessed with the graciousness of so many supporters. Thank you for being a part of our community.

Support Nishmah

Miriam’s cup is the tradition of putting a vessel of water representing Miriam’s well on the Passover table. Miriam’s well is said to have been a magical source of healing and sustaining water that followed the Israelites for 40 years because of the merit of Miriam. Miriam’s Cup is a symbol of all that sustains us through our own journeys.

Nishmah remembers the life and work of Lynne Palan, z”l. Lynne’s passionate dedication touched every facet of our organization. Her final years were devoted to Sharsheret Supports, ensuring that no woman goes through her journey alone. Like Miriam’s waters, Lynne’s virtue will have lasting impact on our community for years to come. May her memory be for a blessing.

To pledge a gift, payable by December 31, or for more information about other ways of supporting Nishmah, please contact Shira Kraft, Director of Nishmah, 314.442.3111.