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Support Nishmah: Fill Miriam’s Cup

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PrintNishmah is providing a Jewish framework for life transitions by facilitating deep meaningful experiences at the mikvah (Jewish ritual bath).  Ritual immersion is an ancient part of Jewish tradition, and our goal is to create this space at the mikvah for women in our community as they navigate through life’s transitions.  Our mikvah guides will facilitate a supportive, safe immersion experience from start to finish including suggested readings and intentions.

Your donation will make it possible for women in our community to experience this ancient ritual in meaningful, inspirational way.

Support Nishmah

Last week: Double your gift for a limited time with our dollar-for-dollar match!  All new and increased donations will be matched.

For more information about how you can support Nishmah, please contact Program Director Sara Winkelman, 314-442-3268.

Miriam’s cup is the tradition of putting a cup of water, representing Miriam’s well, with the cup of Elijah on the Passover table. Miriam’s well is said to have been a magical source of healing and sustaining water that followed the Israelites for 40 years because of the merit of Miriam. Thus, Miriam’s Cup is a symbol of all that sustains us through our own journeys.