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Jewish Community Center

Jewish Arts & Soul Project


Featuring Jewish-themed art, spiritual, health and wellness workshops for men and women in their 20s through 50s. Join the Jewish Arts & Soul Project in creative spaces throughout St. Louis for unique experiences that nourish the mind, body and spirit. It’s a new way to engage! Generously funded in part by the Jewish Federation of St. Louis.

Upcoming Events

January 12: Challah Baking with Companion

Location: Companion Bakery’s Teaching Kitchen, 2331 Schuetz Rd, St. Louis
Date: Friday, January 12
Time: 10am-12pm
Cost: $10

Learn all about bread and what makes challah unique. Companion’s bakery manager Nancie Breunig educates on bread science and demonstrates mixing a challah dough. Participants manipulate and shape dough, tour the bakery floor and finally taste and take home Companion’s freshly made challah, just in time for Shabbat!

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January 25: Challah Board Woodworking

Location: Perennial, 3762 S. Broadway, St. Louis
Date: Thursday, January 25
Time: 6:30-9:00pm
Cost: $30

Make your own hardwood challah board sourced from local, fallen trees at Perennial’s upcycling studio. Learn how to saw, plane, and shape your board using a variety of power and hand tools. Add designs with food-safe finishes and learn the proper care of wood boards to make yours last for many Shabbat meals to come!

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February 7: Mizrach Metalwork

Location: Cakes Metal Whimsies, 3390 Tree Court Industrial Blvd., Kirkwood
Date: Wednesday, February 7
Time: 7-9pm
Cost: $20

Learn the art of metalworking with Scott Rhea, founder and owner of Cakes Metal Whimsies. Scott demonstrates how steel plate is cut into two-dimensional artworks. Participants stain and paint their own pre-cut Mizrach sign, a traditional wall hanging that marks the direction east towards Jerusalem.

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February 22: Basic Sewing Skills

Location: Jackman’s Fabrics, 1234 North Lindbergh Blvd.
Date: Thursday, February 22
Time: 6:30-9pm
Cost: $20

Learn basic sewing skills to craft colorful accessories for your Purim costume. Local sewing instructor Kate Friedman teams up with Heather Galer of Jackman’s Fabrics for this fun and informative workshop. Participants practice hand and machine sewing techniques that can be applied in home garment repairs and DIY projects. All materials included.

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Presented by The Ruth & Harold Sher Center of Jewish Life. 

For more information about the Jewish Arts & Soul Project, please contact Scott Berzon, Program Director, 314.442.3152.
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