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Jewish Community Center

St. Louis Senior Olympic Games Awards

Janet Ossie - 2014 Helen Stephens Award winner

The Walter “Doc” Eberhardt Memorial Award is bestowed upon individuals who embody and exemplify the qualities and spirit of volunteerism, dedication and service that Doc brought to the St. Louis Senior Olympics.

The Helen Stephens Memorial Award is bestowed upon a longtime Senior Olympics athlete. It is named in honor of Helen, who represented USA in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, winning a gold medal in track.

To see past award winners, please click the below tabs.

Walter “Doc” Eberhardt Memorial Award

1986 Sol Hoffman
1987 Herb Cavin & Mary Jane Jensen
1988 Bill Krasner
1989 Buddy Blattner
1990 Harry Keough
1991 Gus Gowseiow
1992 Bill Zimmerman
1993 Shelley Fisher
1994 Evelyn Myers
1995 Myrna Hershman
1996 Erich Dahl
1997 Jim McDonnell
1998 Paul Saunders
1999 Harry Rosenberg
2000 Robert Blake & William Cannon
2001 Elaine Tenzer
2003 Charlie Gatti
2005 Alice Powell
2006 Lois Grand
2007 Kim Elliot & Peg Herming
2008 Marvin Goldford
2009 Marvin Bostic
2010 Jerry Ehrlich
2011 Bob Foster
2012 Marcene Tockman
2013 Nancy Weigley
2014 Brian Goldman
2015 Myles Tenzer
2017 Sheila Holm
2019 Mike Weiss

Helen Stephens Award

1994 Marie Uebel
1995 Lucille Monroe
1996 Dottie Gray
1997 Ruth Eberle
1998 Lavina Haefele
1999 Char Sobkowski
2000 Claire Vieth
2001 Maureen Lia
2002 Connie Strobach
2004 Carol Peluso
2006 Rebecca Hoogheem
2007 Myrle Mensey-Symonds
2008 Carol Kuhlmann
2011 Mary Pate Henehan
2012 Jane Kaiser
2013 Alice Mohr
2014 Janet Ossie
2015 Lorraine Hurd
2019 Bonnie Cochran Bence