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The J is open for our Members on Thursday, November 23 from 8am to 2pm. Join us on Thanksgiving Day and get in your holiday workout! Click here for our Thanksgiving Group Exercise schedules.

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Phase Training

jamma fitness small group training

Training, Nutrition, Motivation, Support, Results!

Small Group Phase Training: What is it?

Phase Training is The J’s exclusive path through different levels and “phases” of training. Designed to appropriately categorize and efficiently advance a person’s level of fitness from where they are to where they want to be. There are three different phases: Body Transformation, Fitness and Performance. They represent different styles of training for more specific goals, which may include adding muscle, increasing strength, increasing cardiovascular endurance or a combination.

Body TransformationFitness & Performance

Phase Training is structured around assessments, starting points and individual goals to lay a foundation for each participant. From your foundation, participants progressively move up in their phases as their fitness and skills increase! Phase Training benefits include:

  • Healthier body composition (decreased fat, increased muscle)
  • Increased muscular strength and endurance
  • Better cardiovascular conditioning
  • Improved mobility, flexibility and balance
  • Amplified balance
Body Transformation

Body Transformation Phase

The Body Transformation Phase is about getting going, learning proper technique, gaining confidence and seeing results. This is the first step to a permanent lifestyle change. Classes are designed for new exercisers with a weight loss goal of at least 15% of their body weight. These small groups start with the basics and teach proper form and movements. Groups are set up in circuit fashion to keep participants moving while rotating muscle groups and energy systems in a way to stay within their target heart rate levels to burn fat more effectively. Participants move in the lower to middle heart rate levels and intensity. Sessions are intended to be completed without intense exhaustion or lingering effects but provide a feeling of achievement and goal advancement.

Fitness Phase

Fitness Phase

The fitness phase is designed for the participants who have met their weight loss goal and are looking for a little something more but nothing over the top. These groups are designed to start teaching more complex movements that may use more than one muscle group at a time. These trainings will be where the body really starts to get stronger and leaner. Participants will be pushed harder and further than they were in the Weight Loss phase. This will include heart rate-based training and will take the person into a higher heart rate level for a longer duration of time. Participants will be moving between the middle heart rate and intensity levels of exercise. These trainings will leave the participant feeling accomplished and motivated for the next session.

Performance Phase

Performance Phase

Performance is the highest level of fitness training in the Phase track. Training is designed to push the body to its limits and improve all aspects of fitness. Participants will be pushed through middle and high-intensity levels, with workouts based on monitoring heart rate and/or traditional boot camp style workouts. At this level, participants know their body and limits, needing the program for accountability. Workouts will include some of the most complex movements in fitness and will be under the close eye of a trained professional to ensure safety and provide encouragement. These trainings should leave participants exhausted and left without much energy. These groups are for those looking to push their boundaries.

You receive:

  • A certified personal trainer with progressive program training
  • Two or three small group 55-minute workouts each week
  • Measurements to track your amazing results
  • Weekly tips and lessons providing continuous motivation


  • Be able to make a two-month minimum commitment
  • Dedicated to becoming a better YOU!



  • $145 per month for 2x/week
  • $199 per month for 3x/week

Creve Coeur: Jason Davis, 314-442-3176
Chesterfield: Andy Hayes, 314-442-3147