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Jewish Community Center

Batting Cages at the Marilyn Fox Building


The J’s Marilyn Fox Building is home to the area’s best batting cages. Home to two standard batting cages and our Grand Slam Batting Cage in the J’s gym, you or your team can have amazing indoor access to these unique facilities.

About our Batting Cages

Two Standard Cages – 70 feet long, 15 feet wide & 12 feet tall. Ideal for pitchers and batters.

Grand Slam Batting Cages (Deluxe Cages) – 70 feet long, 30 feet wide & 30 feet tall. Your team can have an entire practice indoors.

Cages feature an ATEC Power Streak Machine, Home Plate Pitching Machine and a Jugs Jr. Pitching Machine.

ATEC Power Streak Machine

The Power Streak’s innovative design of the legs converts to pitch both baseballs and softballs. It pitches fastballs, sliders and curveballs for baseball. For softball it pitches fastballs, curveballs, drops and screwballs. It can be used in defensive drills, including fly balls, pop ups, line drives, grounders and catcher pop ups. It pitches up to 60 mph for baseball and as high as 55 mph for softball.

Home Plate Machine

State-of-the-art pitching machine capable of throwing five different pitches from both arm slots. Programmable to fit your needs and style. Speed: 50-90 mph

Jugs Jr.

Wheel-style machine suitable for individuals 10 and under. Also suitable for softball use. Speed: 25-60 mph

Rental Information

Team and individual cage rental space is open to anyone. Both our Grand Slam cages in the gym and the more private training cages are available. Rentals include pitching machines, L-Screens, balls and pitching mounds. Space and time is limited, call today to reserve your time for the upcoming season.

Grand Slam Cages – $75m/$80p per hour
Training Cages – $30m/$40p per hour

For more information contact Issac Gregg, 314-442-3427.