The dance craze of the decade is here. Zumba. And it’s all at the J.

It combines the excitement of a cardio dance vs. ’80s-type Jazzercise®, a sort of modern makeover. Zumba is the fusion of Latin rhythms and fat-burning moves that encourages participants to ditch a mundane work out and learn contemporary dance moves!


Zumba could be just the fresh fun your workout needs to get back on track with your New Year’s resolutions.  The The New York Times compares this exercise style to, “a trip to the nightclub of a cruise ship, where a well-toned crew member teaches you to wiggle your hips and do the fast footwork for a mix of dance styles to the thump of loud music.”


The J’s classes offer basic moves to get the blood flowing and heart rate going. Up the ante in Zumba to sculpt and tone by using different levels of resistance and working separate muscle sets.  A full hour of salsa, mambo, cha cha and meringue burns 600 – 1,000 calories, depending on intensity level, fitness level, weight and age. This kind of interval training alternates between high and low intensity, making it easier to exercise for longer, thus makes the effort more effective than other forms of exercise.


Zumba has humble beginnings dating back to 1999 when celebrity fitness trainer Bento Perez forgot his aerobic music for class one day and improvised using traditional Latin salsa music he carried with him. The class was wildly successful, inspiring him to partner with Alberto Perlman and Alberto Aghion to spread the Zumba vibe. Zumba has grown into a worldwide sensation.


At the J we want to see you discover yourself in your workout.  The exercise you choose should be revitalizing and healthy, not tiring and obligatory. The only way you can stick with it and make a lifestyle choice is by doing what you enjoy. Whether it’s aquatics or aerobics, weight training or Pilates, we can help you find a fit at the St. Louis JCC. And who knows, you might feel so great that you’ll take your Zumba moves straight to the dance floor.