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Festival Committee

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Join the Committee

The St. Louis Jewish Film Festival Committee is made up of volunteers, co-sponsors and community partners who love film and are committed to bringing the best in Jewish Film to St. Louis. If you are interested in serving on the Jewish Film Festival Committee, contact Zelda Sparks), 314-442-3169.

Jewish Film Festival Committee

Co-Chairs: Marilyn Brown, Jeffrey Korn
Programs: Marilyn Brown, Jay Goldstein, Ronnie Gross, Natalie Kauffman, Hessie Needle, Marlene Sachs
Special Events: Judy Plocker, Paula Sigel, Leon Kravitz, Felicia Wertz
Film Selection: Natalie Kauffman
Target Marketing/Organization Liason: Janet Weinberg, Hessie Needle, Patsy Spector
Ticket Sales: Judy Barnett, Carolyn Schechter
Jewish Film Society: Natalie Kauffman
Raffle Prizes: Kent Hirschfelder, Jeffrey Korn, Steve Schwedt
Cultural Arts Staff: Zelda Sparks, Mary Jane Kambal

Steering Committee

Susy Alias
Barbara Ast
Benita Boxerman
Marilyn Brown
Bob Cohn
Oscar Goldberg
Tamie Goldenhersh
Jay Goldstein
Martin Gordon
Ronnie Gross
Kent Hirschfelder
Natalie Kauffman
Susie Koch
Jeffrey Korn
Leon Kravitz
Harvey Lehrer
Fred Mackler
Hessie Needle
Lois Perryman
Judy Plocker
Madelon Price
Marlene Sachs
Larry Schechter
Steve Schwedt
Paula Sigel
Bea Sorkin
Patsy Spector
Hillie Ullman
Janet Weinberg
Felicia Wertz
Karen Yoffie