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Jewish Community Center

Festival Committee

Jewish Film Festival Committee & Staff

The St. Louis Jewish Film Festival Committee is made up of volunteers, co-sponsors and community partners who love film and are committed to bringing the best in Jewish Film to St. Louis.

Festival Co-Chairs: Marilyn K. Brown, Jeffrey Korn & Paula Sigel

Film Screeners: Julie Frankel, Jay Goldstein

Film Selection: Judy Berger, Dee Berman, Marilyn Brown, Julie Frankel, Oscar Goldberg, Jay Goldstein, Ronnie Gross, Kent Hirschfelder, Jeffrey Korn, Jerry Kreisman, Merle Oberman, Lois Perryman, Judy Plocker, Sissy Price, Marlene Sachs, Larry Schechter, Steve Schwedt, Paula Sigel, Patsy Spector

Target Marketing: Kent Hirschfelder, Marlene Sachs

Organization Liaison: Patsy Spector, Judy Berger

Cultural Arts Staff
Director, Film & Performing Arts:
John Wilson
Chief Officer, Jewish Engagement: Rabbi Brad Horwitz
Technical Director: Laura Skroska