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Jewish Community Center

Awards & Accolades

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Awards for New Jewish Theatre

St. Louis Theatre Circle Awards

2019 Circle Awards: 11 Nominations & 1 Award

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy: Katy Keating – Life Sucks (Win)

2017 Circle Awards: 8 Nominations & 3 Awards

Outstanding Actress in a Drama: Jacqueline Thompson – Intimate Apparel (Win)
Outstanding Ensemble in a Drama: Intimate Apparel (Win)
Outstanding Scenic Design in a Play: Peter & Margery Spack – Intimate Apparel (Win)
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama: Chauncy Thomas – Intimate Apparel
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama: Linda Kennedy – Intimate Apparel
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama: Andrea Purnell – Intimate Apparel
Outstanding Lighting Design in a Play: Sean Savoie – Intimate Apparel

2016 Circle Awards: 9 Nominations & 2 Awards

Outstanding Production of a Drama: Old Wicked Songs (Win)
Outstanding Actress in a Drama: Lavonne Byers – Golda’s Balcony (Win)
Golda's Balcony
Outstanding Actor in a Drama: J. Samuel Davis – Driving Miss Daisy
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama: Eric Dean White – Driving Miss Daisy
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama: Will Bonfiglio – Old Wicked Songs
Outstanding Actress in a Musical: Shanara Gabrielle – Yentl
Outstanding Director of a Drama: Tim Ocel – Old Wicked Songs
Outstanding Scenic Design of a Drama: Peter & Margery Spack – Golda’s Balcony
Outstanding Scenic Design of a Musical: Peter & Margery Spack – Yentl

2015 Circle Awards: 8 Nominations
2014 Circle Awards: 12 Nominations
2013 Circle Awards: 10 Nominations
2012 Circle Awards: 11 Nominations & 5 Awards

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy: Meghan Maguire, “Talley’s Folly”
Outstanding Lighting Design in a Comedy: Nathan Schroeder, “Talley’s Folly”
Outstanding Ensemble in a Comedy: “Jacob and Jack”
Outstanding Lighting Design in a Drama: Michael Sullivan, “Way to Heaven”
Outstanding Sound Design in a Drama: Robin Weatherall, “Way to Heaven”

Kevin Kline Awards

2011 Kevin Kline Awards: 14 Nominations and 6 Awards

Outstanding Production of a Play: “Awake and Sing!” and “The Immigrant”
Outstanding Ensemble Play: “The Immigrant”
Outstanding Lead Actor in a Play:Bob Thibaut: “The Immigrant”
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Play: Peggy Billo: “The Immigrant”
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Play: Gary Wayne Barker: “The Immigrant”
Outstanding Set Design: Scott C. Neale: “Awake and Sing!”

Previous Kevin Kline Awards

2007: Outstanding Ensemble: “Kindertransport”
2007: Outstanding Ensemble: “Women’s Minyan”
2007: Outstanding Supporting Actor: John Kinney, “What’s Wrong with This Picture?”
2007: Outstanding Director: Doug Finlayson, “Kindertransport”
2006: Outstanding Actress: Donna Weinsting, “From Door to Door”
2005: Outstanding Supporting Actor: Gary Wayne Barker, “Driving Miss Daisy”

St. Louis Magazine A-List Awards

2007 St. Louis Magazine A-List Award: Best Theatre Company

Accolades for New Jewish Theatre


Chris Gibson’s Best of 2015

Best Musicals: “My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding”
Best Dramas: “Imagining Madoff”
Best Comedies: “The Sunshine Boys” & “Bad Jews”
Best Actor in a Drama: Jerry Vogel, “Imagining Madoff”
Best Actress in a Comedy: Em Piro, “Bad Jews”
Best Actor in a Comedy: Peter Mayer, “The Sunshine Boys”

2015 Broadwayworld.com Annual Voting

The New Jewish Theatre’s 2014 production of “The Diary of Anne Frank” won five awards
Best Drama – additional award recipients were:

Best Director, Gary Barker
Best Actress Sam Moyer
Best Supporting Actor Terry Meddows
Best Supporting Actress Amy Loui

Ladue News

Mark Bretz Best of 2015

In His 10 Best Productions of 2015:
#5: “Sight Unseen” at New Jewish Theatre. Playwright Donald Margulies knows how to dig into the marrow of relationships, something he does in “Sight Unseen” with pinpoint precision. New Jewish Theatre’s production about a successful artist’s meeting with his former lover and her husband was a moving, melancholy account of how relationships change with the sifting sands of time, sometimes not pleasantly so. Under Bobby Miller’s incisive direction, a quartet of players — Aaron Orion Baker, Emily Baker, David Wassilak and Em Piro — in this achingly effective drama led their audience along the myriad paths of their characters’ complicated hearts. Sight Unseen cleverly depicted how art can imitate life but not always atone for it.

Additionally, Mr. Bretz singled out for Honorable Mention:
New Jewish Theatre offered one of the most arresting works of the year with a riveting presentation of “Bad Jews,” a searing, seething, knock-down battle of wits and withering verbal attacks between twenty-something cousins that left a tiny but sterile apartment a war zone strewn with emotions laid raw like so many bayonet wounds. Sydnie Grosberg Ronga’s full-force direction guided a superior cast consisting of Antonio Rodriguez, Em Piro, Pete Winfrey and Taylor Steward.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Judith Newmark’s annual “Judy Awards” for 2015

Best villain: Bobby Miller, “Imagining Madoff,” New Jewish Theatre
Best supporting actress: Em Piro, “Sight Unseen,” New Jewish Theatre