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Upcoming Audition Information

Now casting for All My Sons! 

The New Jewish Theatre will be holding non-Equity auditions for ALL MY SONS on December 3 from 3pm-8pm. Please use the linked form to sign up for a timeslot and be sure to include your headshot and resume. Sides to prepare for the audition can be found below. Select the side for the character for which you would like to be considered – descriptions are below. If you would like to be considered for more than one role, feel free to indicate that on the form as well, but please only prepare one side for the initial audition. If you have any questions or concerns or need to cancel or change your time, please contact We will send a confirmation email once your timeslot has been received.

Artistic Director Rebekah Scallet and All My Sons director Gary Wayne Barker will be present at the audition. For sides with two people in them, there will be someone to read with you.

Callbacks will be held in person on December 5 from 6pm-10pm. We will contact you by email if we need to see more of you at that time.

*Note – we will be doing a separate audition for the role of Bert, who will be played by a juvenile actor. Please email for more information.

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Production Information:

All My Sons
By Arthur Miller
Directed by Gary Wayne Barker

This Tony and New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award-winning play is touted as one of Arthur Miller’s best.  Set following World War II, All My Sons is the story of two families destroyed by deception and love. Partners and neighbors Joe Keller and Steve Deever ran a factory making aircraft engines for the war. But when it’s discovered that someone knowingly shipped cracked engines that resulted in the death of twenty-one American pilots, who is ultimately to blame? Also, Joe and his wife Kate are still grieving the disappearance of their Air Force pilot son, Larry. He’s assumed dead, but Kate holds out hope for his return. Will the truth come out as to who is ultimately accountable for the faulty engines? Will the Deever and Keller families survive their own secrets? Will Larry make his longed-for return? The answers transform this secretive past into matters of life and death.

At this time NJT is auditioning non-equity actors only. Non-equity actors are paid a stipend of $800. Actors also receive a free pass to use the gym facilities at the J during their contract.

All actors and production personnel must have current COVID-19 vaccinations.

Rehearsal schedule information:

Rehearsals begin on Monday, February 26, 2024, and will be held Saturday-Thursday, with Friday as the night off. Exact Rehearsal times TBD, but a typical schedule is weeknights 6pm-10pm, weekends 10am-4pm

Performance schedule:

The show opens Thursday, March 21, and runs through Sunday, April 7. Performances times are Thursdays at 7:30pm, Saturdays at 4pm and 8pm, and Sundays at 2pm. (Saturday 4pm performances could change to 2pm performances, stay tuned!)

We are currently casting all roles in the production

We encourage performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages as well as performers with disabilities to audition for All My Sons. NJT is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Note that we will hold a separate audition to cast the role of Bert, information TBD.

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Joe Keller
50s-60s (He/Him), Patriarch of the Keller family and businessman who manufactured faulty airplane parts for use in World War II planes.  Denies his knowledge that the parts were faulty and lets his partner and former neighbor Steve Deever take the blame. Miller describes him as “a businessman these many years, but with the imprint of the machine-shop worker and boss still upon him.”

Download Joe Keller Side

Kate Keller
40s-50s (She/Her) Wife of Joe, and mother of Chris and his brother Larry who has been “missing in action” for three years. Unlike the rest of her family, she refuses to believe that Larry is dead. “A woman of uncontrolled inspirations and an overwhelming capacity for love.”

Download Kate Keller Side

Chris Keller
Late 20s/early 30s (He/Him) Joe and Kate’s son, Larry’s brother. Changed by the war, morally upright, empathetic, and compassionate. “A man capable of immense affection and loyalty.”

Download Chris Keller Side

Ann Deever
Mid to late 20s (She/Her) Steve Deever’s daughter, Larry’s former girlfriend, Chris’s current fiancé. Compassionate, loving, realistic. “…gentle but despite herself capable of holding fast to what she knows”

Download Ann Deever Side

George Deever
Early 30s (He/Him) Ann’s brother, ashamed of his father. Served in the war and works as an attorney in NYC.

Download George Deever Side

Dr. Jim Bayliss
Late 30s/early 40s (He/Him) The Kellers neighbor and a successful Doctor. Described as “a wry, self-controlled man, an easy talker, but with a wisp of sadness that clings even to his self-effacing humor.”

Download Dr. Jim Bayliss Side

Sue Bayliss
Late 30s/early 40s (She/Her) Wife of Jim, speaks her mind and is always interested in the neighborhood gossip.

Download Sue Bayliss Side

Frank Lubey
Late 20s/early 30s Another neighbor to the Keller’s, described as “A pleasant, opinionated man, uncertain of himself, with a tendency toward peevishness when crossed, but always wanting it pleasant and neighborly.”

Download Frank Lubey Side

Lydia Lubey
Mid to late 20s (She/Her) Wife of Frank Lubey and mother of three. Happy and well-adjusted.

Download Lydia Lubey Side

Bert is an eight-year-old neighborhood boy who plays games with Joe. Joe made Bert a “deputy” and told him the Keller house has a prison in the basement.

We are not auditioning for Bert yet. Check back later for more information.

About the New Jewish Theatre 

The New Jewish Theatre is dedicated to exploring Jewish themes and celebrating Jewish writers while examining the full range of the human experience. We present universal work through a Jewish lens, using our productions to enrich lives, promote inclusivity, and build community.   

The New Jewish Theatre just celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2023. During its career, NJT has been honored with 132 nominations and 29 wins from the St. Louis Theatre Circle Awards.