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Jewish Community Center

Operating & Opening FAQ

Updated November 16

If you are unable to find the answer to your question here, please reach out via chat. We will frequently update this page.

How do I gain entry to the building?

Make Reservations

Before you arrive: make a reservation if required. Reservations are required for all pools, group exercise classes and court sports. Open fitness use no longer requires a reservation.

At the entrance, we’ll take your temperature and review your forms. Then you’ll check in as normal and move directly to your destination – fitness center, class or studio. Reservation information is available by clicking here

What is your mask policy?

Updated Mask Policy per St. Louis County Guidelines, effective November 17, 2020

Everyone must wear a mask, all the time, in all areas* of the J – even during workouts.
This includes all open play sports, such as basketball and racquetball. *Masks are not required in the pool (they are required on deck).

Some people and programs are excluded from this order. Details at

Our staff has been asked to remind members and guests to wear their masks where required. Thank you for your cooperation and for continuing to help keep the J a safe place for all.

How do I make a reservation?

Make Reservations

On-site group exercise classes, lap lanes (indoor and outdoor pools), recreational pool time, court sports, racquetball and squash will require reservations. Each person will be allowed one reservation per category per day. Categories are group exercise, pools and court sports. Members may make reservations 48 hours in advance.

For more information about reservations, click here.

Are reservations needed for my caretaker or driver who normally accompanies me? Are they even permitted in the building?

We have accounted for caretakers and drivers; they do not need to make a reservation. Please note, we have removed some furniture to comply with county guidelines, so seating will be limited during this time.

How do I use the pools?

Make Reservations

Pool capacity is limited by county guidelines, so reservations will be required.

Lap swimmers should make reservations (one-hour slots available), and enter through the main fitness entrance. Remember to bring a towel.

Rec swimmers should also make a reservation (two-hour slots available). Enter through the main fitness entrances at Fox and SFC. Remember to bring your towels.

For more information about reservations, click here.

I have a pool reservation. May I bring my own equipment? (Kickboard, noodle, kids toys)

At this time you may not bring your own equipment; however, we will have kickboards and noodles available. Each will be cleaned and disinfected after use. We are unable to provide children’s toys at this time.

When can I play gym sports and racquetball again?

Open basketball, pickleball, badminton, table tennis, racquetball and squash are now available. We are unable to provide equipment at this time, so please bring your own balls, rackets, etc.

Find more information here.

Will I be able to make purchases in the fitness center, like water, protein shakes or bars?

Yes! We will continue to stock our vending machines and will continue to sell water, bars, etc. by account only. If we have your credit card on file, you will be able to purchase at our desks.

Is your Early Childhood Center open?

We have happily welcomed back our EC children.

Is Adult Day at the J opening?

We have been able to open Adult Day at the J for a limited number of participants. Our virtual programming and activity packets will continue.

When will locker rooms open?

Our locker rooms are currently open. Masks are required unless in the shower. Please spray showers with provided cleaner before and after use. Steam and sauna remain closed however the whirlpool is open. All bags and purses should be locked in lockers as they will not be permitted on the fitness floor.

May I bring a guest?

Your guests are still welcome – but they must be part of your reservation at the pool. All guests must accompany a J member, and passes must either be used from your account or purchased with a credit or debit card (no cash). Additionally, a health screening and member release must be signed by the guest or guardian. To bring a guest for court sports, group exercise or to our outdoor or indoor pools, reservations are required

What if I would prefer to continue my freeze?

We will continue to offer complimentary membership freezes for up to 90 days (through January 1, 2021) upon request. Please note that you need to let us know if you wish to keep your membership on freeze status. You can e-mail us at

For members who have been donating their dues (thank you!) during the time we’ve been closed, we will reactivate your account unless you alert us that you prefer to keep your account in frozen status. Should you choose to keep your account frozen and continue to pay your membership dues, we will continue to recognize your membership fees as a donation, for which you will receive a tax letter. Specific questions about your donation may be sent to Stacy Smart.