Shanah Tovah! Happy New Year from the J!

In honor of Rosh Hashanah, the J will observe the following holiday hours:
Sunday, October 2: 7am – 5pm
Monday, October 3: Buildings closed

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Jewish Community Center

Board of Directors

We are grateful to the following individuals, who have demonstrated their commitment to ensuring that the J in remains relevant, inclusive and financially sound so that it may serve generations to come.


Chair: Steven L. Goldenberg
Vice Chair: Mark A. Cantor
Vice Chair: W. Ted Isaacs
Vice Chair: Thom E. Kuhn
Vice Chair: Felicia M. Malter

Treasurer: Eli M. Abeles
Asst. Treasurer: Ted Flom
Secretary: Mark Gellman
Assistant Secretary: Judith R. Scissors

Board Members

Cynthia L. Albin
Marc H. Alper
Robert E. Bertman
Bruce J. Berwald, M.D.
Stuart L. Block
Laurie Chod
Michael Ferman
Shanon A. Forseter, M.D.
Howard T. Handelman
David R. Kaiser
Debbie K. Lefton
Howard N. Lesser
I. Richard Levy

Neil A. Marglous
Steve D. Myers
Debbie S. Polinsky
David A. Roberts
Judy K. Rosenthal
Jane T. Rubin
Lori D. Sheinbein
Sue Silverstein
Brad D. Snitzer
Julie B. Stern
Cindy Wallach
Marc Wallis
Arthur E. Weiss

Lifetime Board Members

Harvey M. Brown*
Jonathan J. Deutsch*
Charles C. Eisenkramer*
Marilyn Fox*
Harris Frank*
Paul J. Gallant*
Harvey S. Gershenson*
Harvey Gerstein*
Howard Hearsh*
Frank A. Jacobs*

Helene Mirowitz
Marty Oberman*
Lenore R. Pepper*
Sanford E. Pomerantz*
Jerome Raskas*
Monte L. Sandler*
Todd Siwak*
Michael H. Staenberg*
Morris H. Sterneck*

*Past President